The Nedap Story

At Nedap, we strongly believe that we can empower people using technology and create technology for life; we want to put people first, then technology.


Technology for Life

Nedap is a High-tech company and has a workforce of over 750 employees. The company was founded in 1929 and has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 1947. We make products that change the way people work. Hard- and software. Research & Development. Marketing & Sales. We are operating on a single principle: we develop Technology for Life.

At Nedap we develop Technology for Life: products that help people become more productive, more successful and more meaningful in their professional lives. At the heart of our Technology for Life philosophy is our drive to truly understand what people need to excel in their workplace. We make products that meet those needs, unlocking the power of purpose in people and changing the way they live their professional lives. Designing and delivering Technology for Life requires a long-term perspective. Being able to afford this perspective is essential for the continuity of our purpose.


First People, then Technology

We dedicate ourselves to unlock the talents and ambitions of people, both at Nedap and in the marketplace. We need to understand people, before we can develop technology to help them grow. 

This day and age we’ve aligned ourselves so much with innovation and technology that we’ve started to think of users in terms of assets and liabilities, instead of people. Not at Nedap. The world is changing around us. But people remain people. And once we gain a deep understanding of people’s needs and behaviour, we can make products that fit perfectly into their lives. So one of the most important lessons we’ve learned in our over 90 years of existence is that product development is not about technology, it’s about people.



At Nedap, we trust in the diversity of people and organisations. We develop technology that helps people be more productive in their work by better matching their individual talents and capabilities. This makes employees happier and organisations more successful.

We are convinced that people and organisations can achieve more than even they think possible. There is always room to grow. That’s why we do everything we can to understand what people need in order to excel in their work.

Creativity, technological knowledge and boundless curiosity about what makes people successful are the most important pillars of our company. We’re here to ensure that people and organisations perform optimally.


Our approach

We observe. We create. We scale.

We observe
We study markets and the people working in them. We participate in their professional lives, gaining valuable insights and a deep understanding of what people need to become even better in what they do.

We create
At Nedap, design and technology work closely together to meet people’s professional needs. We create elegant solutions that are beautiful to look at and easy to use.

We scale
We carefully choose our focus areas and align our marketing and sales forces. We grow and scale our business to be relevant – and then strive for market leadership.


Our assets

People. Culture. Leadership.

Nedap Campus in Groenlo, the Netherlands, is home to 750 of the brightest minds in design, engineering, software development, finance, HRM, project management, marketing and sales. A worldwide vibrant community that inspires to grow.

Within this community we encourage people to make the most of their ambitions, talents and dreams. We inspire each other to cultivate creativity and entrepreneurial skills, and to challenge the status quo. There is room to grow. Always.

For us leadership is not about hierarchy and management layers. It’s about people who take responsibility and act upon it. It’s about taking the lead.


Nedap at a glance

An organisation like Nedap can’t be summarised in a few key figures. However, the following numbers will give you a better understanding of the size of our company.

Business Units
Offices worldwide