Various updates

January 2023

New: Brandguide 2.0

May 2022

We’re very excited to release our improved Nedap brandguide. In this release there are some major improvements and updates that will help you communicate the Nedap brand in a more consistent and expressive way. This is our first release and we will be updating templates and assets in the coming period. We consider this a ‘soft’ launch, meaning; we don’t expect you to fully implement these updates in your existing communication but when creating new stuff please keep the new guidelines in mind.


Improved visual identity system – read more

Our improved visual identity is based on the idea that our communicative needs are either more expressive or more close to our core brand. Based on your communicative needs you can vary in how you apply colour, shape and layout. Throughout the brandguide you’ll find more examples and inspiration to help you understand this concept and our look & feel.


Improved colour system – read more

Our new colour system is based on our existing colours but with slight improvements and improved hierarchy.

  • Our colour system is now organised in three main categories, Primary, Secondary & Expressive
  • Our expressive colours are available for more creative and expressive communicative needs, while our primary and secondary remain our main brand colours.
  • We defined specific colour combinations to use.


Improved layout system – read more

  • The slanted line is now slightly curved at the top, creating a more human expression of the Nedap brand.
  • We’ve created a new shape based on our spark that is more flexible in use and creates a consistent look.

New: Nedap icons

27 January 2022

We have added new icons to the Nedap icon pack.

New: Letterhead Nedap Polska Sp. z o.o.

27 July 2021

Today we added a new letterhead template for our new office Nedap Polska Sp. z o.o.


New: PowerPoint templates

13 July 2021

A new version of the PowerPoint templates is uploaded. We have added a new text for the disclaimers.

New: keynote templates & letterhead Nedap Inc.

19 May 2021

Today we added the keynote templates: ‘Spark’, ‘People’, ‘Intuitive’, ‘Elegance’ & ‘Artful’ and the letterhead of Nedap Inc.

New: letterhead templates

15 April 2021

Today we added new letterhead templates for: Belgium, Beveiligingstechniek B.V., China Ltd, FZE, General, Asia Ltd. Iberia S.A.U., IDEAS, Light Controls, Livestock Management, Retail and Smart. The sentence in the footer with the ‘General Terms and Conditions of ICT-Office’ is changed.